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Martyn Seale - Sales Associate 
Hi there, Thanks for logging on to Lyberger's. My name is Martyn Seale and have been with John & Carrol Lyberger for going on 13 years now and have met and served thousands of Alaskans in that time. I came from England to the US in 1980 as a sound engineer/truck driver and toured all over this great land. On coming to Alaska, being a chef, I also worked at a remote lodge (great fun, cooked my first black bear). On coming back to Anchorage, I wanted to try something else! Voila!! The Lyberger's great people, great inventory, great deals. For great service with integrity, do not hesitate to contact me. Martyn Seale Cell Phone: (907) 244-1211 email: martyn.seale@gmail.com