Chris Hester

Chris Hester


Chris Hester: A Beacon of Dedication and Family Values

Greetings and welcome! It's an honor to share a glimpse of my life journey with you. Born into the scenic grandeur of Alaska at the age of 12, I've cultivated profound ties to this magnificent state. These ties extend beyond the landscapes to the heartbeats that fill my life – my two remarkable children. My spirited son and vivacious daughter, both brimming with enthusiasm, have instilled in me a sense of purpose and joy that permeates every facet of my life.

Our familial adventures often find us nestled amidst Alaska's pristine beauty. Whether it's etching paths in the snowy blankets while skiing, seeking solace in peaceful fishing alcoves, delving into adrenaline-packed hunting escapades, or immersing in the serenity of Nancy Lake, our moments together are treasured chronicles of joy.

My professional odyssey began with Lyberger's Car & Truck Sales, a chapter initiated just two months after its foundation in October 1999 by my esteemed parents, John and Carrol Lyberger. More than just a professional endeavor, this dealership represents the heartbeat of our family's legacy. Etched in the very fabric of our operations is an ethos passed down through generations: "YOU GOT TO TAKE CARE OF THAT CUSTOMER." This axiom, entrusted to me by my father, serves as a constant reminder of our staunch commitment to those we serve.

The trust we've nurtured with our customers isn't fleeting. It's manifested in the numerous familiar faces that seek our services, time and time again. They're not solely attracted by our top-notch inventory but magnetized by the authentic care, attention, and unrivaled service they receive under our aegis.

Pondering a vehicle purchase or have questions pertaining to the automotive world? I'm at your service. Contact me directly at, and together, let's navigate your vehicular needs with the promise of dedication and excellence that's become synonymous with Lyberger's Car & Truck Sales.