Woody "Bubba" Hester

Used Car / Storage Manager

Bubba's Bio

Meet Bubba, often touted as the ‘Rambo’ of Lybergers. With biceps that can rival the bulge of a truck tire and a spirit as indomitable as a roaring engine,   He's seen it all and done it all, handling every vehicle that rolls into our lot with the same finesse he once navigated treacherous terrains. Under his vigilant eye, every vehicle is inspected, tuned, and groomed to perfection, ensuring that when it's out on the display, it’s nothing less than the best.

Beyond the grounds of Lybergers, Bubba is a devoted father to two grown children. Their stories of childhood adventures and escapades, with Bubba at the helm, are the stuff of legend in these parts. Though his children are now grown and charting their own paths, Bubba’s protective instincts have found another channel. His two dogs, fiercely loyal and almost as formidable as him, are his constant companions and the apples of his eye.

Storage facilities? Bubba's your guy. He knows every nook and cranny like the back of his hand, ensuring that every square inch is utilized, and everything is in order. His uncanny knack for knowing exactly where something is stored is nothing short of a marvel.

Around Lybergers, Bubba wears many hats, but above all, he's our go-to guru for, well, everything. As the manager overseeing all aspects of our operations, his depth of knowledge is unparalleled, his dedication unquestionable. Whether it's about the right torque for a vintage Chevy or the specifics of the storage logistics for a new shipment, Bubba's word is guy.

In a world of uncertainties, if there's one thing we can all count on, it's Bubba. Always there, always ready.  You Got To Take Care of The Customer each and everyone of the.