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Martyn Seale - Sales Associate

Martyn Seale - Sales Associate View

Hi there,

Thanks for logging on to Lyberger's.

My name is Martyn Seale and have been with John & Carrol Lyberger for going on 13 years now and have met and served thousands of Alaskans in that time.

I came from England to the US in 1980 as a sound engineer/truck driver and toured all over this great land. On coming to Alaska, being a chef, I also worked at a remote lodge (great fun, cooked my first black bear). On coming back to Anchorage, I wanted to try something else! Voila!!
The Lyberger's great people, great inventory, great deals.

For great service with integrity, do not hesitate to contact me.

Martyn Seale
Cell Phone: (907) 244-1211

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Here is some information about me. I have lived here in Anchorage for 28 years. I have a beautiful wife and two kids. We love to fish, hunt, ski and hang out at Nancy Lake. I have been with Lyberger's Car and Truck Sales since 1999 and enjoy keeping the Lyberger's Moto "Got to take Care of that Customer" thriving. If you have any question's feel free to call me at 907-230-6055.
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